Functional safety is a component of a machine’s safety-related control system (SRCS). Wieland Electric provides safety control devices and services for various industrial machinery. Our safety specialists develop comprehensive safety procedures—complying with the appropriate local and global laws and regulations—and offer the necessary hardware, software, and coaching to ensure optimal functional safety.

Safety Services

Developing safety protocols compliant with dynamic local and global laws can be a complicated undertaking. Wieland professionals have experience developing a complete strategy that will put your project in line with CE, ISO 12100, ANSI B11, OSHA, and other local and international regulations. Our areas of expertise include:

Safety consultation

Our machine safety consultants offer specialized advice on safety evaluations, lockout/tag-out, machine safety concepts, and essential paperwork for the CE mark certification procedure. Our safety experts will lead you through the standards and next actions during designated meetings.

Risk assessment

The risk assessment process comprises researching appropriate standards, documenting all risks, determining risk levels (such as PLr), and developing risk management strategies. The Wieland risk assessment follows current local and international regulations and laws.

Design & mitigation

Our machine safety consultant will give advice on the safety system design. We also take care of installation and integration.


We will perform the proper tests, compare results to the guidelines, and produce documentation to show that the safety system satisfies the safety performance criteria specified by the risk assessment.

Maintenance & modification

Machine relocation, refurbishment, energy supply installation, and other significant changes require a re-evaluation of the safety concept. Wieland will conduct an impact study to assess if the equipment still complies with the applicable safety rules and advise on the next steps if necessary.


Functional Safety Training and Certifications

After developing a safety concept that incorporates hardware, Wieland offers safety training and certificate programs to support your ongoing safety needs.

Certification courses are internationally recognized certificates from third-party provider SGS-TÜV Saar. View or download our informational brochures on certifications here. These are the training and certification courses we provide:

Certification courses

CESE Certification

Certified Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) courses ensure that your staff is up-to-date on the newest regulations and requirements for functional machine safety in manufacturing. This course covers the programmable electrical, electronic, and electromechanical topics of functional safety. Contact us directly for availability and pricing.

Introduction to Functional Safety

This CESE test prep course covers the fundamentals of functional safety for machines. Engineers will get a thorough grasp of functional safety design and regulatory requirements if this course is combined with the CESE certificate course. This course is highly recommended for individuals who do not have the minimum required experience for the CESE certification. Contact us for further details.


LOTO training

Lockout/tag-out program training can be added to your support crew. The course complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 and ANSI Z244-1.

Customized training

Our functional safety experts will collaborate with your team to develop a program centered on your objectives.


Our functional safety experts host several free webinars on topics ranging from CE marking to risk assessments to the most recent changes to ANSI B11 and other safety requirements. LEARN MORE

Safety Components

Wieland Electric makes sure your machines have complete access protection from the input sensors to the control panel. Logistics, material handling, presses, robotics, and packaging machinery can all benefit from our selection of compact and approved safety technology. We offer protective sensor technology, such as optoelectronic switches, emergency stop switches, safety relays, and fully-loaded safety logic controllers.

All of our functional safety components have global approvals and meet the latest in industry health and safety standards.

Programmable Safety Controller

The samos® PRO COMPACT controller is easy to integrate, user-friendly, and compliant with the most up-to-date safety standards. It is also easy to program with the license-free safety software samos® PLAN 6.

Features include:

  • Integrated Ethernet protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP
  • Compact 45 mm size
  • The main module has 16 safety inputs and 4 safety outputs, which can be expanded to over 100 safety I/O
  • Tolerates temperatures from -25 °C to 65 °C
  • Programmable via Ethernet, mini-USB, or SD memory card
  • Connection via push-in or screw terminals
  • Enables on-site diagnostics through integrated LEDs and remote diagnostics through Ethernet
  • License-free software with certified function blocks and easy verification and validation


Safety Relays

Our compact safety relays can be adjusted to fit diverse applications and connections. Their excellent technical performance, safety, and economy ensure effective individual safety function monitoring. Features include individual connections with push-in or pluggable terminals, large LED displays, compatibility with various safe sensors, and power switching of DC/AC loads up to 8A.


Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids

The Wieland Electric safety light curtains and light grids enable the safe operation of hazardous machinery or work areas. They reliably detect the presence of fingers, hands, or other body parts and signal the machinery to pause and resume accordingly. Our light curtains and grids are effective and easy to use. Features include:

  • Wide product range to suit various applications
  • Efficient M12 connections
  • 100-meter cable lengths
  • Configuration without the need for software
  • Robust housing and integrated slot mounting


Safety Software

Following hardware installation, the Wieland safety software—samos® PLAN 6—allows for simple programming of sophisticated safety features. Thanks to our vast library of predefined and TÜV-certified safety-related function blocks, you can program with confidence. Our software is able to simulate and record all program safety-related function blocks, saving precious time during documentation.

We design all functions for maximum user-friendliness:

  • Automatic module configuration enables easy hardware selection
  • TÜV-certified, application-specific libraries of more than 65 function blocks
  • Special libraries for presses and muting
  • Fast verification and validation through oscilloscope function in offline and online modes
  • Automatic, configurable documentation at the push of a button

Download samos® PLAN 6 to get started—there are no license or activation fees.

Industrial Safety Solutions From Wieland Electric

With Wieland Electric, your organization can have a turnkey safety solution, with support from early evaluations through final commissioning. We can give a detailed plan for all phases, no matter where you are in the machine safety guarding process. Contact us today or request a quote for more information.