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IP67 Ethernet Switch



The new IP67 ethernet switch from Wieland Electric enables reliable operation in harsh industrial and other environmental conditions


Industrial automation is increasingly relying on the decentralized and flexible connection of automation components. This also applies to IP or ethernet switches, which are no longer only mounted in the control cabinet, but also directly on the machine. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the network components under these circumstances, the devices must meet the requirements of harsher working environments. After all, they are directly exposed to harmful elements such as dust, moisture, and electromagnetic radiation. Wieland Electric offers a suitable solution for this with the new wienet IP67 switch.


The wienet IP-SWITCH UMS 8-W-M12 is equipped with robust metal housing and is used under the most adverse environmental conditions. Water splashes, other contaminants, and high temperatures of up to 75° Celsius are handled without any problems. In addition, the switch complies with the EN 50155 standard, making it suitable for the higher requirements of railroad applications. Fluctuations and interruptions in the power supply are tolerated, as are vibrations, shocks, and high humidity. The compact device is easy to maintain,  features a long service life, and has high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


The plug & play feature of the new IP67 switch from Wieland Electric enables fast commissioning even without programming experience. Sensors and actuators can be connected robustly and reliably via eight M12 Fast Ethernet ports, which contributes to low failure rates. Its compatibility in conjunction with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) within the IEC 61131-2 framework also ensures reliable network operation with the lowest probability of failure.


IP67 ethernet switch


Optimally suited for modular systems: The robust and compact IP67 unmanaged ethernet switch from Wieland Electric ensures reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

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Product details & technical data



Unmanaged Switch 8xM12 Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) ports, IP 67, wide temperature range

Ethernet standards IEEE:                                      802.3/802.3u/802.3x

Voltage type:                                                            DC

Min. operating temperature:                              -40 °C

Max. Operating temperature:               75 °C

Storage temperature / transport min:             -40 °C

Storage temperature / transport max:             85 °C

Relative humidity min.              :                           5 %

Relative humidity max:                                         95 %

Net weight:                                                                700 g

Redundant power supply:                                  2 power inputs

Standards and approvals:                                     IEC 61131-2, EN50155