Wind Turbines

Cabling, connectors, uninterruptible power supplies, and programmable controllers. Everything you need to plan, build, and service wind turbines with greater speed, flexibility, and safety.


  • Faster completion of tower segments
  • Low voltage drop allows tower heights over 140 meters/ 460 feet!
  • International product approvals such as UL, CSA, and VDE
  • Reduced planning complexity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Almost maintenance-free lighting system & central battery management
  • Central UPS concept for easy battery replacement in the tower base
  • Instant full light output, even at low temperatures


LED Lighting Solutions

In wind farms, lighting in the tower is important for ensuring the safety of service personnel. We support reliable illumination with well-thought-out solutions. These include robust LED luminaires as plug & play components as well as smart fastening systems. Standard and emergency lighting is supplied with a powerful UPS. We also provide software-based lighting simulation, offering you maximum planning certainty for your specific lighting concepts.

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Infrastructure Cabling Inside Wind Turbines


The more easily and flexibly that power distribution can be realized in wind power plants, the better. With our innovative installation systems, we support dynamic and smooth infrastructure cabling. From lighting to maintenance sockets and even the service elevator, all components are easy to install and maintain. The podis® power bus system provides the necessary backbone for all wind turbine power connections.

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Powerful control and safety technology

Safety first – especially with the operation of wind energy plants. The key is powerful control technology of the kind we offer with our safety controllers, safety relays, and safety switches. This allows optimal control and monitoring of safety-related functions – from the emergency stop to analog value processing and through to speed monitoring. All system components are matched to one another and therefore offer necessary plant safety for service and installation personnel.

Safety Solutions

Network Switches