Lighting & Building Products

With over 100 years of professional experience and high-end service across 70 countries worldwide, Wieland Electric is known among the pioneers in electrical connection technology and the market leader for pluggable electrical installations. We promote safe electrical connections with lighting & power systems for:

  • Architectural and other outdoor uses
  • Industrial sectors
  • Buildings such as greenhouses, vertical farms, modular buildings, and more

Wieland supports customers in selecting the best electrical connectors, wiring systems, power distributors, and overall lighting and building solutions that suit any project specifications and requirements.

Below is the selection of the Wieland  lighting and building products and solutions.

Indoor Interconnect Products

With the Wieland Gesis® interconnect products, you can say goodbye to your buildings’ messy electrical connectors, which are time-consuming to organize and difficult to set up! Our indoor interconnect products can help increase installation efficiency to 70% and save 30% or more on cost, allowing for easy changes and expansion in the future.

The Gesis® 2 to 5-pin connectors provide a quick and seamless plug-in procedure that enables superb flexibility in electrical design. In addition, our patented coding and color system guarantees an error-free installation and additional safety for workers.

Gesis® interconnect products have worldwide approvals, including CSA and UL (Canadian Standards Association and Underwriters’ Laboratories), and are compatible with North American cable types such as NM, STJ, and others. In addition, you can order prefabricated, and made-to-order cable harnesses for consistent installation across all job sites.

Featured Products


Gesis® Mini is best for connecting light fixtures and other equipment requiring fixed installations. These small 2 to 5-pin connectors make installing, servicing, and changing luminaires much easier. There’s no need to hardwire luminaires when you use Gesis® Mini, as it is a pluggable interconnection system with built-in safety.


Gesis® Classic wiring system with 3 to 6-pin connectors can be pre-wired and attached efficiently, which is the safest way to connect the distributed power system in any building or structure. The color-coded connectors and their mechanical features guarantee a secure and seamless installation. An optional locking clip is available for extra security.

Modular Wiring System

The Wieland modular wiring system ensures you have a quick, safe, and precise electrical installation. Designed to be used specifically with armored cables for building construction. With our pluggable, standardized, coded plugs, and prefabricated components, our design meets all of these requirements and is impressively easy to use. No matter how often you replace or repurpose our modular wiring systems during construction, you can count on accomplishing the task in short timelines.

Our flexible and modular commercial wiring system, METALYNX®, enables contractors to configure and change installations on-demand, as easily and quickly as the first install. In addition, the components are reusable in subsequent installations. This modular wiring system is designed to meet the needs of all building installations and UL/CSA standards.

Advantages of METALYNX® Modular Wiring System

  • Optimum flexibility in design to enable room for changes and reconfigurations
  • Cost-saving compared to conventional methods
  • Time efficient in the installation and implementations process
  • Structured and pre-tested components for quick & easy installation
  • Made specifically for use with armored cable in North America (Canada and the US)
  • Zero waste and environmental-friendly

Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Connectors

RST® connectors are pluggable 2 to 7-pin connectors with outstanding waterproof capabilities. Compared to traditional pipe-and-wire installations, our pluggable connectors offer considerable time savings & flexibility, and are safer for outdoor use.

The Wieland RST® plug & play connectors deliver high electrical loads of up to 600 V and 53 A. Rated to NEMA Type 4X/ 6P, these connectors provide the highest level of protection against water and moisture.

Additionally, the unique mechanical coding of the connector insert guarantees a safe and error-free installation process. Finally, our pre-assembled cables can be unplugged and moved anytime as your requirements change!

Featured Products


The RST® MINI is the tiniest waterproof electrical connector most suitable for outdoor and high moisture environments. Its minuscule size makes it ideal for confined places and lighting connections. RST® MINI is available in 2 to 3-pins and 4 to 5-pins connectors and can handle up to 600 V and 16 A.


The RST® CLASSIC comes in 2 to 7-pins connectors. This workhorse provides up to 600 V and 20 A power to installations ranging from architectural lighting to greenhouses and even vertical farms.

In addition, RST® CLASSIC electrical system includes device connectors, distribution blocks, splitters, and pre-assembled cable harnesses to custom lengths.


RST® CLASSIC 6 & 7 PIN has even more applications and choices for circuit configuration. In addition to the robust and reliable water protection, the pins variety can include an optional barrier seal, which prevents the spread of any moisture through the cable system and increases the system’s life.


The RST® Power connector is excellent for applications requiring high-current connectors, such as server farms, as it meets the requirements for electrical connection in harsher environments. Rated to 600V and 53 A, RST® POWER provides the safety and ingress protection required in power-intensive applications.

Power Distribution For Electric Vehicles

The Wieland Electric  podis® power bus is the perfect solution for setting up a charging infrastructure with efficient and safe power distribution. The podis® decentralized power bus system uses optimum strength in the charging infrastructure for e-car charging stations in parking garages. The system allows many charging stations to be connected with just one supply line. This saves installation time, requires fewer lines, and significantly reduces the size of the distribution cabinet.

Advantages Of The podis® System

  • Time-saving with 65% faster installation
  • Cost-saving over the lifetime of the system
  • Flexible mounting and moving of the connector modules at any time without power loss
  • Safe, durable, and high contact quality with patented system
  • Less cabling effort
  • Modern appearance

The podis® power bus system can be continuously modified, expanded, and reconfigured to meet current demands without significant planning efforts! Thanks to innovative clip-on outlet modules and flat cables, many charging stations can be attached to a relatively short section of wires. You can even save time and switch up the charging station in minutes!

Parking garages are often exposed to high moisture levels and erratic temperature fluctuations due to weather conditions. The podis® penetration contacts ability guarantees safe operation even in demanding environments. With this technology, you can ensure a reliable operation of the power distribution system that can operate under harsh conditions and still secure maximum safety.

Integrated Solutions