Flexible. Modular. Fast.

Short timelines and tight completion schedules are the norm for on-site electrical installers. That is why a quick, safe, and above all, error-free electrical installation is necessary. Additionally, changes during the construction phase or ongoing operation require products that can easily be serviced, replaced, or repurposed. With pluggable, standardized, coded plugs, and prefabricated components, the METALYNXNA system meets all of these requirements and is impressively easy to use.




A ready-to-install system with prefabricated components has clear time and cost savings advantages during initial installation. Wieland connectors bring value over the entire length of the installation lifecycle. By using the METALYNXNA system, contractors can configure and change installations on-demand, as easily and quickly as the first install. Components are re-usable in subsequent installations and meet all relevant CSA and UL standards.


  • Future-proof-designed for flexibility and reconfiguration
  • Cost savings compared to traditional wiring methods
  • Time savings on installations and project implementations
  • Structured pre-wired, pre-tested components
  • Reusable components with zero waste
  • Compact and easy handling
  • Rated to meet all the relevant CSA and UL standards