Wire Management – Wire duct and Wire Marking

Let us help you to manage your wires.

Wiring duct

Wire Duct

Features designed for speed, easy installation and assembly include:

  • Mounting slots on all sizes of duct. Two sizes of oblong mounting holes alternating on 2 inch centers.
  • Snap-off side wall fingers. Permits enlarging slot for lead-offs of any size wire or wire bundle. Pre-scored for smooth snap-off surfaces. No tools or cutting required.
  • Duct part numbers include channel AND cover for easy ordering.
  • Standard length 2 meter (6’6”) – 8% more than competitive duct.
  • Sizes from ¾” (wide) x ¾” (high) up to 5” x 2 ¾”.

DNG and VK Flex Wire Management Catalog
BA6 Wire Duct
BA7 Wire Duct

Wire marker feature

Wire markers

Wieland offers two styles of wire markers. K Markers are wide labels commonly zip tied to the wire or conduit, while Z markers offer the convenience of snap-on installation on the wire jacket.

Wiemarc Info