Your Ultimate Q&A on Power Bus Systems

What is a decentralized power bus system? A decentralized power bus system typically refers to an electrical power distribution system that is designed to manage electrical power in a decentralized or distributed manner over multiple points. In a decentralized power bus system, the power distribution is streamlined, and power is supplied closer to the point […]

Advantages of Iboco/Hager Wiring Ducts in Canada

Precision and reliability are vital in electrical installations to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. One of the most preferred choices for professionals in Canada is Iboco/Hager wiring ducts, which are exclusively available through Wieland Electric. Renowned for their high-quality design and functionality, these wiring ducts offer several advantages that set them apart. […]

How To Choose the Right Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch is a networking device used to connect multiple devices in a local area network (LAN). It is extensively used in home, office, and industrial environments to promote resource sharing and data transmission across connected devices. Its primary function is to receive incoming data packets from one gadget and forward them to the […]

Why podis® Is the Ideal Solution for Setting Up a Charging Infrastructure

Flat and TC-ER cables have long been used to power machinery and motors in industrial settings. However, their potential for installing EV chargers in parking garages has been overlooked. Unlike the conventional method of using round cables within metal conduits, podis® offers a much more practical solution. As a TC-ER flat cable, podis® eliminates the […]

How To Stay Up to Date on the Latest Machine Safety Regulations

Ensuring machine safety in the workplace is a legal requirement and a moral obligation. Accidents and injuries resulting from inadequate safety measures can have devastating consequences for the individual and the overall well-being of the business. From physical harm to financial liabilities and reputational damage, the impact of workplace incidents can be far-reaching and long-lasting. […]

ProMat 2023

ProMat 2023 March 20-23, Chicago IL, Booth N7953 For manufacturing and supply chain customers we are heavily focused on safety services. By making sure machines are compliant with the latest safety regulations and laws, companies can avoid costly fines, penalties, and even criminal charges while improving the health and safety of their workers. Having a […]

Wind Tower Lighting Solutions

SOLUTIONS FOR WIND TOWER LIGHTING: MEETING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS WITH PLUG & PLAY   Short planning times and maximum availability of the lighting in the tower and nacelle – Wieland Electric knows how to meet these requirements for wind turbines. Pluggable and centrally supplied power distribution and lighting systems can shorten project planning times and […]

IP67 Ethernet Switch

ROBUST ETHERNET SWITCH FOR USE IN THE FIELD   The new IP67 ethernet switch from Wieland Electric enables reliable operation in harsh industrial and other environmental conditions   Industrial automation is increasingly relying on the decentralized and flexible connection of automation components. This also applies to IP or ethernet switches, which are no longer only […]