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Electrical components are vital elements that facilitate the flow of electricity and contribute to the creation of complex electronic systems. They are carefully designed and engineered to perform specific tasks within circuits, ensuring proper voltage levels, current regulation, signal conditioning, and energy storage. These components range from connectors, terminal blocks, power supplies, relays, and others.

With over a century of expertise, Wieland Electric takes the lead as a distinguished manufacturer of electrical connection and industrial automation products. We pioneer in the field of electrical connection technology with a global presence and numerous worldwide subsidiaries that enable us to provide exceptional industrial automation solutions.

Furthermore, we are committed to environmental sustainability and offer high-quality products that comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. These certifications guarantee that our products meet rigorous quality standards while minimizing ecological impact.

This comprehensive guide will discuss the significance of electrical components, the key considerations in choosing them, and the safety precautions to keep in mind.

Types of Electrical Components

Electrical components are indispensable elements in electronics, each fulfilling a distinct role within electrical circuits. The following are some of the most prominent types:


Connectors are mechanical devices that enable the joining of electrical conductors, facilitating the transfer of electrical signals and power between components or systems. They come in diverse forms, including plugs, sockets, terminals, headers, and more, providing a reliable and convenient interface for electrical connections.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks, also known as connection blocks or terminal strips, play a vital role in electrical interconnectivity. These versatile components allow for the organized termination and distribution of electrical connections. They can be mounted on DIN rails or directly onto panels, ensuring efficient and well-structured wiring.

PCB Connectors

PCB connectors, specifically designed for printed circuit boards (PCBs), facilitate the connection of electrical circuits. They enable the seamless transmission of power, signals, and data between different PCBs or between a PCB and external devices. PCB connectors come in various configurations, catering to different connection requirements.

Power Supplies

Power supplies are indispensable in electrical systems. They convert electrical energy from a power source into the voltage and current electronic devices require. These devices ensure a stable and regulated power output, guaranteeing the optimal operation of various components.


Relays serve as electrically operated switches, effectively controlling the current flow within circuits. Using an electromagnetic coil relays mechanically actuate the switch, allowing for the control of high-power or high-voltage circuits with low-power control signals. They find extensive applications in diverse industries.

Decentralized Power Distribution

Decentralized power distribution systems revolutionize the way power is distributed in industrial settings. These innovative solutions minimize the need for long power cables by bringing power closer to the load. Consequently, installation becomes simpler, system reliability improves, and the overall power distribution process becomes more efficient.

Pluggable Connectors

Pluggable or detachable connectors offer a quick and convenient solution for connecting and disconnecting electrical cables. These connectors are particularly valuable in applications that require frequent assembly or disassembly of electrical connections, saving time and effort.

Heavy-Duty Connectors

Heavy-duty connectors are designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, making them ideal for demanding applications. They provide reliable and robust connections, capable of withstanding dust, moisture, vibration, and other hazards. These connectors are often utilized in industrial sectors.

IP Switches

IP switches, or industrial Ethernet switches, are purpose-built for industrial networks. These switches ensure reliable and high-speed data communication between devices within industrial automation systems. With their secure and efficient network connectivity capabilities, IP switches play a crucial role in industrial environments.

What To Consider When Choosing Electrical Components

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when selecting electrical components for your system:

UL Approval

Verify if the electrical components have undergone UL (Underwriters Laboratories) testing and certification. UL approval ensures that the parts meet rigorous safety and performance standards, providing confidence in their reliability and compliance with industry regulations.


Consider power ratings, tolerances, temperature range, and response times. Matching these specifications with your application requirements is crucial for optimal performance. Wieland application engineers can help you choose the best components and recommend an integrated solution for your specific application.

German-Made Excellence

Germany is renowned for its engineering expertise and commitment to precision manufacturing. German-made products are often associated with exceptional quality, reliability, and adherence to stringent industry standards. Wieland Electric products are proudly manufactured at the production sites in Bamberg, Germany, or nearby in Sokolov, Czech republic.

Application-Specific Considerations

Take into account any specific requirements or environmental conditions of your application. For instance, temperature, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference may impact the suitability of the components. Here are some examples of specific applications and the corresponding Wieland Electric products that can address their unique needs:

Chemical Factory with Corrosive or High-Dust Environment

The Wieland Revos, industrial connector series is an excellent choice in environments prone to corrosion or high dust levels. With their IP69 rating, these connectors provide the highest protection against dust, water, and other contaminants. They ensure reliable and safe electrical connections in challenging conditions, making them ideal for use in chemical factories.

Industrial Automation With Ethernet Connectivity

Applications requiring reliable Ethernet connectivity in industrial automation can benefit from the unmanaged IP switch (UMS) series by Wieland Electric. These rugged switches are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, providing reliable data communication and network connectivity for efficient control and monitoring of devices.

Large Assembly Line With Multiple Motors

A decentralized power distribution system like Wieland Electric’s pod system offers significant advantages in assembly line setups with multiple motors. The pods’ system reduces voltage drop over long distances, ensuring consistent and reliable power distribution. It also allows for individual motor servicing without complete shutdowns, facilitating efficient maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Outdoor Lighting Applications

The Wieland Electric RST pluggable connectors are a reliable and flexible solution for outdoor lighting applications. These connectors are designed for easy and secure installation of lighting fixtures, enabling quick and efficient assembly and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems, available with Type 6P or 4X rating and multiple pole counts

Uninterrupted Power

Wieland Electric power supply solutions can benefit many applications by delivering continuous power in the event of an outage and preventing damage to systems and machines. With one of the longest hold-up times in the industry, these power supplies are even used in wind farms.


Consider the cost-effectiveness of the components with your budget and project requirements. Then, balance the upfront cost with the components’ expected performance, reliability, and longevity.

Integrated Safety Features of Wieland Electric Products

Wieland Electric is dedicated to incorporating advanced safety features into our electrical interconnect products. Here are some notable safety features integrated into Wieland Electric products:

Secure Locking Mechanisms

Wieland Electric connectors feature reliable locking mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnection and ensure a secure connection.

Insulated Design

Our terminal blocks are designed with insulation to minimize the risk of accidental contact with live parts. Many of the RST products are also touch-safe even when left disconnected (up to 300V).

Reliable Connections

Wieland Electric PCB connectors provide dependable connections between printed circuit boards, ensuring proper power transmission, signals, and data.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

Wieland Electric power supplies include built-in protection against overloading and short circuits, safeguarding components and systems.

Robust Construction

Our heavy-duty connectors are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable and secure connections.

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