At Wieland Electric, we prioritize safety, flexibility, and efficiency. For over 100 years, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, reliable, and pluggable industrial automation products and services. Our passive industrial product line carries the latest and most innovative electronic components and parts sought-after in the electrical industry.

A part of the Wieland Electric product offerings includes passive electronic components and solutions that transfer energy safely and reliably across electrical systems.

Connectors And Terminals From Wieland Electric

Also known as a terminal block, a terminal is an electrical accessory that serves as the endpoint of a conductor. It can connect internal and external circuits and has two parts – the clamping component and conducting strip.

A connector is a device that links two circuits to form an electrical connection or transmit signals. A connector has two parts – the plug-in and the connector itself.

Wieland Electric provides various types of connectors and terminals to suit your every need.

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are clipped onto DIN rails which mount electrical relays and provide a location for control devices. Wieland Electric DIN Rail Terminal blocks are powered by an innovative and comprehensive system of terminals that fits into a single accessory. We carry screw connections, spring connections, and push-in terminal blocks. Our experts at Wieland can design and build terminal block assemblies based on your specific requirements and needs.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB Terminals and Connectors)

Almost all modern technology uses printed circuit boards (PCBs) at their core or an assembly of semiconductors, radio devices, and active and passive electronic components. A PCB may be composed of a single layer of circuitry, a top-bottom circuitry, or multiple layers of circuitry stacked together.

Wieland Electric has a line of PCB terminals and connectors tailor-fit for your projects.

Our PCB terminals have wire cross-sectors from 0.14 mm² to 16 mm² that are suitable for currents up to 76 A and voltages up to 1000 V. Depending on your needs and preferences; our terminals are fitted with screws, tension springs, or push-in connections to complement various connection directions and configurations. Our terminals also have a modular spacing of 3.5 mm to 10.16 mm.

Like our terminals, Wieland’s PCB connectors also come with screws, tension springs, or push-in connections to accommodate various configurations. Our PCB connectors have wire cross-sectors that range from 0.14 mm² to 4 mm² and are suitable for currents up to 12 A and voltages up to 1000 V. Our connector’s modular spacing varies from 3.5 mm to 7.62 mm.

Industrial Multipole Connectors

Wieland Electric offers an industrial-grade product line of connectors capable of withstanding a high degree of mechanical stress and delivering high voltages. Applicable to almost any industrial application, including machine building, wind power plants, construction machinery, utility vehicles, control systems, switching systems, small motors, and lighting technology, the Revos® multipole is the best choice for reliable electrical connections in your factory.

One of our featured products is the Revos Modular All-In-One – a customizable and heavy-duty multipole industrial connector that can combine data, power, and communication connections in one connector. With Revos®, you can increase productivity and customize power modules. Installation is quick and easy and can handle extreme environments such as dust and moisture. The Revos® Modular industrial connector is designed to reduce cabling complexity, and this connector system is a flexible and long-term solution for modern industrial environments.

Relays From Wieland Electric

An electrical relay is a switch that functions to connect or disconnect circuits electronically or electromechanically. Whether you’re looking for coupling, connecting, controlling, and monitoring, Wieland Electric provides multiple relays that offer the latest developments in relay technology. Our relays include:

  • Measuring & monitoring relays
  • Electromechanical relays
  • Solid state relays
  • Time & switching relays

Our measuring and monitoring relays protect your device from power emergencies, overcurrent, and overvoltage situations. In addition, we offer electromechanical relays that come with safe galvanic isolation in a compact solution. If you require fast switching activities, our solid-state relays are what you need. You can also choose from our time and switching relay product line, ideal for controlling functional processes to the nearest second for standard, monitoring, and control tasks.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies From Wieland Electric

The Wieland Electric uninterruptible power supplies, Wipos®, assure you that even when power fails, you won’t. An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a device that stores energy during power outages, failures, or under and over-voltage occurrences. With the Wipos® reliable and durable UPS, we will ensure that your devices are safe in case of emergencies.

The Wipos® product offers power supplies for different functionalities and performance classes. They have high operational reliability providing 100% performance even in high temperatures of up to 60°C (140°F). Many models are also applicable for outdoor installation. These power supplies are well suited for various applications with a wide range of input, voltage drop compensation, active monitoring, and parallel connectivity.

Get The Most Efficient Passive Industrial Products From Wieland Electric

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