With over a century of experience in electrical connection technology, you can trust Wieland Electric for your industrial automation needs. Our active industrial product line carries safe electrical connections that are the core of our offerings.

Active industrial products are electronic components that control the flow of electricity in a circuit. They are connected to a battery or a power source and are capable of amplifying energy.

Wieland Electric has active electronic products, including drive technology, motor starters, ethernet switches, industrial communication devices, and safety control devices.

Power Distribution

In electrical connection, a decentralized energy system is characterized by locating power sources nearby the end user. This sourcing energy generation can reduce transmission and distribution inefficiencies and related economic and environmental costs. Through power distribution, you can optimize your power usage to its maximum potential while maintaining efficiency.

Electricians use tray cables for power installation and distribution. TC-ER is a tray cable for “exposed-run,” meaning it is out in the open and durable for wear and tear. This cable is typically mounted under the conveyor. The Wieland Electric TC-ER cable and connectors, podis®, meet the high protection requirement set by the National Electrical Code.

This pluggable, flexible, extra-high voltage 3-phase electrical distribution system is well-suited for conveyors. Unlike competing brands, Wieland uses a patented Insulation Piercing Technology to provide a perfect connection every time. In addition, Insulation Piercing Technology makes our electrical distribution system resistant to weathering and corrosion and has a tensile strength of 300 N/mm².

Decentralized Drive Control – Motor Starter

The Wieland Electric decentralized drive controller or motor starter blends innovation and protection. A decentralized drive is a motion control application that allows components to function remotely. As a result, it enables users to save space, reduce installation, and cut maintenance costs. The drive configuration of its associated motor becomes more manageable since the two are typically positioned close.

Our Podis® MS 5HP is the first motor starter with an integrated Safe Torque Off feature that meets SIL 3/PLe requirements and IP65/NEMA 12 protection. In addition, it can cover motors with a power range from 0.3 Hp to 5 Hp (0.25 kW to 4.0 kW).

The Podis® MS 5HP has international approvals from CE and cULus, making it suitable for global use. The disconnect switch of the podis® MS 5HP complies with UL 508. Its design complies with NEMA12 and protection class IP65 for use in harsh industrial environments

Machine Safety

Wieland Electric offers safety services, certificate training, and safety control devices that will bring your safety-related control system (SRCS) in compliance with the latest safety requirements for industrial machinery. Wieland safety services cover every stage of your machine lifecycle, ensuring your employees and machines are operating safely at maximum efficiency.

Safety Services

Our experts are highly capable of ensuring that your projects comply with CE, ISO 12100, ANSI B11, OSHA, and other local and international regulations. In addition, our safety services will take care of the following for you.

  • Safety consultation
  • Risk assessment
  • Design and mitigation
  • Validation
  • Maintenance and modification

Certificate Training

Once your projects are up and running, Wieland Electric offers certificate training services to educate your personnel to be more competent in addressing your safety needs. We are capable of providing the following courses and training:

  • Certified Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) Certification
  • Introduction to Functional Safety
  • LOTO Training
  • Customized Training

Safety Controllers, Safety Relays, And Safety Input Devices

Wieland presents our line of safety components that are sure to prevent accidents in the workplace. Our safety controllers and relays have top-of-the-line technology, are fit for various applications, and ensure function and security at competitive prices. The samosPRO® programable safety controller is the most compact controller, saving valuable space in the control cabinet while handling up to 112 safe inputs and outputs.

We also offer light grids, curtains, and safety switches for guaranteed safer operations in hazardous work.

Ethernet Switches

Ethernet connections are part of many areas of life. The communication between components in automation technology uses industrial Ethernet, a technology becoming increasingly prevalent. Ethernet switches are now widely used for secure networking and coupling between machines or within the system. The common goal of the manufacturer and user is to design the networking and configuration of the components more simply and more effectively, and to manage the data flow systematically. Ethernet switches also improve the security of the devices under the network while coming at a relatively low operational and maintenance cost.

Industrial switches differ from normal switches in various features that are extremely relevant to the industry. This type of installation is usually mounted on a DIN rail, has extended temperature ranges, and, sometimes, redundant power inputs, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). They are also smaller, to accommodate applications with limited installation space. Wieland offers managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches that address your industrial communication needs. Our range of Ethernet switches promises speed, reliability, and durability.

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Work With Weiland Electric For Project Safety And Reliable Active Industrial Products

The Wieland range of active industrial products promotes safety, functionality, and durability. Work with us, and you will have an efficient and future-proof project designed with safety in mind. To learn more about our product specifications and features, click here.