Designed with the safety of your team in mind, our solutions for industrial automation ensure installation is easy and error-free. In addition, all of our solutions are modular, providing the ultimate in flexibility for the future. Re-use parts in many configurations. System expansions and future changes are also quick and cost effective.

In-house mechanical designers can modify existing products or develop new interconnection solutions using both plastic and metal components.
We have the electrical and electronic know-how to design and build custom electronics including power conversion, communication or automation solutions.


  • 3D printing for prototyping
  • Injection molding
  • Cable harness fabrication (CSA/UL)
  • Test facility (FEA, pull tester, climatic chamber)
  • Electrical / electronic design
  • Rapid prototyping (PCB)
  • Metal fabrication
  • Local certification
  • Box build fabrication (CSA/UL)

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Wieland provides lighting installers and OEMs with custom, easy-to-install solutions for lighting architecture and power distribution. Wieland lighting solutions use our proven electrical systems and smart design to create efficient electrical cable trees for many applications including horticulture, architectural lighting, commercial/ industrial lighting & power distribution, indoor lighting, and more.

Horticulture Lighting

Electrical distribution across customized multi-layer rack greenhouse architecture has never been easier! Using the RST circular connectors, Wieland mechanical designers create custom and ready-to-install cable harnesses and power distribution units. RST connectors and system components meet all UL and CSA standards for wet location application and have a high ingress protection rating of up to Type 4X/ 6P.


  • Your customers benefit from faster installation, zero waste, error-free, waterproof components, and a flexible & modular installation
  • OEMs benefit from reduced warranty claims, simplified manufacturing, and standardized interfaces

Contact us today for a consultation. Free web, phone or in-person consultation with our application engineering team.


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