For over a century, Wieland Electric has been a forerunner in producing high-quality, safe, reliable, and efficient electrical products, connections, and pluggable installation technology. Since the company’s founding, safe electrical connections have been at the core of our product offerings, with innovation and quality as the motivating factors.

To create the ideal infrastructure for industry and future construction, we offer a wide range of passive and active industrial automation products and solutions for various applications in various industries.

Industrial Automation Solutions & Products

Wieland manufactures high-quality machine-building components. We use innovation, vast knowledge, experience, and creativity to design and produce the best solutions meeting customer-specific requirements in machine design, machine tools, and robotics.

Power Distribution Systems

Wieland power distribution systems are centered on a TC-ER cable, which can deliver up to 60 A of power over long manufacturing distances through movable modules which do not damage the copper cores. The podis® electrical distribution system is easy to install, reconfigure, and maintain — saving up to 80% on setup and engineering time.

The podis® system is appropriate for supplying power to logistics, parcel and post systems, baggage handling mechanisms, and automotive manufacturing units.

Ethernet Switches

Wienet® switches provide robust and dependable network infrastructure for efficient industrial communications while also exceeding standard Ethernet switches to meet the increasing demands of various industries.

Ethernet switches are classified into two types: managed and unmanaged. Managed switches are best suited for expanding industrial communications infrastructure, whereas unmanaged switches are ideal for rapid installation and operation in small industrial networks with manageable data volumes.

DIN Rail Terminal Block Assemblies

Wieland provides tested and ready-to-ship terminal block assemblies of the highest quality. There is also no minimum order quantity, and our engineering team will collaborate with you on your project specifications.

Regarding terminal blocks, Wieland prioritizes three connection technologies, a simplified purchasing process, and reliable contact.

PCB Terminals and Connectors

Our wiecon® printed circuit board (PCB) terminals are created for cutting-edge heating systems, quality compressors, and safety technology in mechanical engineering. These terminals are also diverse, dependable, and service-friendly solutions.

Additionally, the Wieland PCB connectors make high-tech devices more usable, whereas PCB terminals are the most simple and reliable solutions for lighting systems and other devices with limited space.

Heavy-Duty Multipole Connectors

Wieland revos® connectors are the optimal solution for high-reliability electrical connections in an industrial environment. These heavy-duty connectors can withstand being run over by a loaded forklift truck and offer high ingress protection. Furthermore, this industrial automation solution offers the most customizable and extensive options when combining connections in a single connector.

The advantages of this technology include mechanical and environmental stress resistance, application customization, and all-in-one connecting features for data, power, and communication.

Relays and Power Supplies

Wieland wipos® products deliver a steady voltage supply for various purposes and performance classes. Using uninterruptible power supplies, you can now effectively protect your essential devices from failures and brief under and over-voltage occurrences (UPS).

In addition, the company offers an extensive selection of relays for coupling, connecting, controlling, and monitoring, allowing you to optimize your electrical systems with dependable and high-quality relays.

Machine Building & Safety Solutions From Wieland Electric

Automation is commonly associated with high manufacturing rates, increased productivity, more efficient production, improved product quality, high reliability, and shorter labor hours. To accomplish all of this, Wieland Electric caters to different industry needs with our wide array of solutions for industrial automation.

Machine developers, facility managers, and safety engineers across the globe rely on Wieland’s industrial automation solutions and machine-building components. Our products and services include relays, controllers, connectors, and other electrical and electromechanical tools.

In response to the ongoing industrial revolution, we are also constantly developing flexible installation concepts and communication solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation, and our experts will help you design and manufacture the best solution for your project’s requirements!