Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. These vehicles address the challenge of gearing towards a greener and more sustainable future. However, the increasing number of EVs causes the demand for electric charging to skyrocket. This puts pressure on existing power grids, causing power outages and expensive upgrades.

Wieland Electric offers an innovative solution for setting up a charging infrastructure with decentralized power distribution! With the Podis® power bus system, EV charging can be established quickly, safely, and flexibly in a new or existing parking garage or underground parking.

Importance of Decentralized Power Distribution for Electric Vehicle Charging

Traditional pipe and wire installations require a supply line from a dedicated electrical panel to each charging station. Such an installation is labor intensive, subject to common wiring errors, involves much space for each conduit, must be done for each charging station, and is challenging to change. As a result, building owners and property managers often have to choose between allowing only a few stations or the up-front expense of roughing in all parking spaces.

Decentralized power distribution offers a distinct remedy by providing a more adaptable and future-proof solution for electrical installers, building owners, and charger manufacturers. Multiple chargers can be connected to one supply line. In addition, the unique and patented wiring systems allow for faster, waste-free installation and future changes, allowing you to respond quickly to increased demands for EV parking spaces.

Decentralized Power Distribution for Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

The Podis® Power Bus System From Wieland Electric

Podis® 5G16 is an advanced power distribution solution that provides a safe, flexible, and efficient way to power in industrial and commercial settings. Here are some of its key features that revolutionize EV charging:

Power Bus System From Wieland Electric

Impressive Speed

Podis® allows for a quick and easy setup of charging infrastructure. It utilizes an innovative TC-ER cable (exposed run cable does not require additional protective enclosure) and clip-on outlet modules. These features enable many stations to connect to one supply line. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming dismantling and stripping of wires, significantly speeding up the installation, conversion, and expansion processes.

Impressive Speed

Fewer Materials and Labor Needed

With Podis®, the flat cables and clip-on outlet modules streamline the installation process. The flat wires are thinner and more flexible than traditional cables, requiring less material. The clip-on outlet modules also eliminate the need for cable dismantling and stripping, further reducing the labor involved.

Excellent Flexibility

The system is a highly flexible solution that offers decentralized power distribution, which can be easily adjusted to meet current demand. The system also allows quick modifications and expansions, making it a practical and efficient business option. In addition, even replacing a charging station can be done quickly, typically taking only a few minutes.

Excellent Flexibility

Space Saving

Podis® offers space-saving advantages in charging infrastructure installations, particularly in situations where the presence of pipes and wires can create crowded conditions. This is especially relevant when a transformer is required to convert the power supply to the appropriate voltage for charging stations. It can directly handle voltages up to 600V.

Guaranteed Safety

The system’s advanced design and penetration contacts ensure that power distribution is always reliable and safe, even under challenging conditions. In particular, the system is well-suited for use in parking garages and underground parking, which are often exposed to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations due to weather conditions.

UL Listed System

The podis® power distribution system is UL listed already, which simplifies installation and inspection.

UL Listed System

Exceptional Quality and Practicality

Podis® offers exceptional quality and practicality, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient solution for powering EV chargers. With a range of features prioritizing safety, reliability, and ease of use, it can meet the needs of businesses across various industries.

If you want to try out Podis® for your business, Wieland Electric offers a sample kit that can be ordered directly.


Flat Cable
Connections Module
Feed-in Box
Cable end cap
Wall clip

Revolutionize Your EV Charging With Podis®

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