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EV Charging Infrastructure Summit 2023

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EV Charging Infrastructure Summit 2023

July 11th & 12th, Chicago IL

Join us at the 3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Summit – North America in Chicago! Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, this event is set to take place on July 11-12, 2023, and bring together industry experts and utility professionals to explore the impact of growing electric vehicle (EV) adoption rates on the grid.

We are thrilled to invite you to an exciting presentation on how to use a decentralized power distribution system to increase the efficiency and flexibility of EV charger installations.

Title: Running Multiple EV Charges on One Circuit With a Decentralized Power Bus

Date & Time: July 11th @ 3.30 PM 

Presenter: Jim Cahaly, Business Development Manager, Intralogistics and Integrated Services, Wieland Electric Inc.

Decentralized power distribution offers a myriad of advantages that optimize power usage, reduce material costs, expedite installation, and maximize EV charger unit uptime. By running multiple EV charges on a single circuit, this innovative approach brings about significant cost savings and simplifies the overall design process.

Join us for an insightful presentation that delves into the components of a decentralized power distribution system and explores how power can be efficiently distributed to multiple EV chargers. Here’s a glimpse of what will be covered:

  1. Innovative wiring practices beyond traditional pipe and wire: faster and more flexible installation of EV charging stations.
  2. Decentralized power bus system and how it works: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the decentralized power bus system podis® and its functionalities. Learn how this system facilitates the distribution of power to multiple EV chargers on one bus.
  3. Core components of a decentralized power bus distribution system: Explore the essential components that make up the podis® decentralized power bus distribution system.
  4. Time-saving benefits of a decentralized power bus distribution system: Uncover how implementing a decentralized power bus distribution system saves valuable installation time and reduces errors. Learn about the streamlined processes and efficient workflows that result from this approach.
  5. Basic initial power set-up for running multiple charge stations on one circuit: Obtain practical insights into setting up the initial power configuration to accommodate multiple charge stations on a single circuit. Discover best practices and key considerations for optimal performance and maximum capacity utilization.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of decentralized power distribution and unlock the full potential of your EV charging set-up. Register Here