Integrated solutions have become progressively substantial for companies looking for an “easy button” to deliver successful business ventures. This competitive technique helps business organizations improve potential clear-cut outcomes without spending significant time and resources.

At Wieland Electric, we offer turnkey solutions for companies that need industrial automation and lighting products and services. We do so by utilizing the latest technology and best-performing methods in the electronic industry to deliver high-quality products.

When To Use Turnkey Solutions for Your Business

Planning and creating custom solutions can be expensive and time-consuming, and their successful results are not guaranteed. Because of this, many companies prefer using integrated solutions for their businesses. However, evaluating whether the turnkey solution is the best option for you is essential. Often, these services work best for companies:

  • whose primary concern is to save operational expenses
  • who do not require a full-scale business transformation, and
  • who need an established solution

Turnkey solutions are cheaper and easier to use than customized solutions. They also save time since products and services are readily available for implementation and introduction to the market.

Wieland Turnkey Solutions

Wieland Electric offers turnkey solutions for industrial automation and lighting & building projects.

Turnkey Solutions for Industrial Automation

Wieland’s strategy of combining existing, tested products with new ideas ensures that the resulting solution is built on a solid foundation of proven technology. This lowers the likelihood of technical issues and increases overall reliability. Additionally, the use of approved products can also lead to a faster time-to-market, as the development and testing of the core technology have already been completed.

We also have a skilled team of design and application engineers who collaborate with customers to develop customized solution that meets their specific requirements. Our resources for industrial automation include the following:

  • 3D printing for prototyping
  • Injection molding
  • Cable harness fabrication (CSA/UL)
  • Test facility (FEA, pull tester, climatic chamber)
  • Electrical/electronic design
  • Rapid prototyping (PCB)
  • Metal fabrication
  • Local certification
  • Box build fabrication (CSA/UL)

Turnkey Solutions for Lighting

Our lighting solutions deliver lighting installers and OEMs with custom, easy-to-install electrical systems for lighting architecture and power distribution. Wieland electrical systems have been proven to provide quality performance for many applications — horticulture, architectural lighting, commercial or industrial lighting and power distribution, and indoor lighting.

For horticulture lighting, Wieland mechanical designers use RST circular connectors to manufacture customized ready-to-install power distribution units and cable harnesses. Our RST connectors and system components meet all CSA and UL requirements for wet applications and boast a high ingress protection rating of up to Type 4X/ 6P.

Turn the Key With Wieland!

Wieland Electric has been manufacturing electrical connection and industrial automation products for over 100 years! With our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we are guaranteed to provide exceptional industrial automation and lighting solutions that are also environmentally sound.

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