The podis® MS 5HP is the first motor starter with an integrated Safe Torque Off feature that meets SIL 3/PL e requirements and IP65/NEMA 12 protection. The podis® MS 5HP is user-friendly and can cover a broad power range of motors, up to 5 Hp, and offers reliable performance in various applications while reducing storage and administrative costs. It also simplifies maintenance and planning.

What Is Safe Torque Off (STO)?

The podis® MS 5HP integrates STO, a safety feature that completely disconnects the output power with the aid of a safety control system. This function ensures that the motor will not generate torque when actuated.

The podis® MS 5HP STO prevents the output circuits from transmitting power to the motor which stops torque generation. The STO will not allow the motor to produce torque until it receives a reset signal. Further, The STO is separate from the hardware and software of the motor starter, making it fail-safe.


  • Easier planning, procurement, and maintenance with one controller for multiple motors (0.33 –5 Hp)
  • Simple network integration as well as decentralized control and diagnosis from any place at any time with web configurator and DIP switches
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) ensures guaranteed functional safety as long as a proper safety system is in place
  • High flexibility in planning due to the separation of the power supply and the safety circuits
  • Integrated digital inputs and output means less cabling and wiring effort


The podis® MS 5HP motor starter is ideal for various applications, including:

  • Single Drive Machines
  • Conveyor Belts for Luggage Transportation in Airport Logistics
  • Parcel and Mail Logistics
  • Conveying Systems and Technology


The podis® MS 5HP relies on the following features to perform in various applications:

  • Tool and software-free configuration with DIP switches and an online configuration guide
  • Compact size that requires a small installation surface
  • 24 V DC supply integration for external sensors
  • Automatic motor protection detects low current, overload, and over torque
  • STO offers the highest integrated function compliant with SIL 3/PLe safety levels

Technical Data

Part no. 83.270.0000.0
Min. power rating 0.25 kW
Max power rating 4 kW
Motor current range 8 A
Operating cycles 3000 1/h
Input voltage 24 V
PL (ISO 13849-1) Level e
SIL according to IEC 61508 3
Communication protocol AS-i V 3.0

Approvals & Protection Rating

The podis® MS 5HP has international approvals from CE and cULus, making it suitable for global use. The disconnect switch of the podis® MS 5HP complies with UL 508. It is also designed to comply with NEMA12 and protection class IP65 for use in harsh industrial environments.

Other safety features include an integrated lockable switch that can shut off the motor starter for repair and maintenance work without shutting down the entire system.

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PODIS® Decentralized Energy Bus System

Although not necessary for use, The podis® MS 5HP may be used with the podis® decentralized energy bus system to minimize costs and material waste. The insulation-piercing contacts of the podis® energy bus system allow for simple and flexible system planning and installation. The benefits of the product include:

  • Easy maintenance and handling
  • Very reliable contacts
  • Fast on-site adjustments
  • 65% less installation time
  • Wires don’t require stripping

PODIS® MS 5 HP Motor Starter from Wieland Electric

The podis® MS 5HP motor starter is an IP65 and NEMA 12 compliant solution with integrated STO. With a wide range of beneficial properties, this product is ideal for various industries and applications worldwide.

Wieland Electric has over 100 years of experience delivering solutions for industrial automation and electrical connection applications. We have subsidiaries throughout the world to deliver solutions globally. Contact us to learn more about the podis® MS 5HP and our full range of products.