Lighting & Luminaire Connection

If you could save 75% of the installation time of your electrical system, what would you do with the extra time?
Would you win more projects, focus on expanding your operations, or perhaps develop a new product or service?
Time saved is not the only benefit that Wieland pluggable connector systems bring to your project. Standard interfaces and custom cable assemblies allow you to plan ahead with confidence. Respond quickly to change requests, reuse components, and ensure a long service life for your electrical installation.

Specialty Cable Harnesses

Plan with confidence & deliver on time. Wieland engineers work with you to develop a custom and specialized electrical installation solution for your application.

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Wet Location LightingWet Location Lighting + Luminaire Connectors RST®
For lighting installations and luminaire connections that require protection against water, ice, and dust, choose the RST® pluggable pin connectors. Rated to NEMA Type 4X/ 6P, pin connectors are incredibly fast to install, easier to change and much safer. Anyone can connect the luminaire to the system by simply plugging in. Since there is no need to dismantle, the integrity of the luminaire is preserved and warranty claims are reduced.
All products are CSA and UL approved.


Indoor Electrical Connectors GESIS®

Indoor Electrical Connectors GESIS®Indoor luminaires and lighting also benefit from the quick installation and best-in-industry safety practices with the Gesis® pin connectors. Gesis® connectors have been the standard in electrical connection technology all over the world for more than 40 years. All products have CSA or UL approval and can be used with standard North American cable types such as NM, SOW, and others!




To help with a new vertical farm installation, Wieland provided its customer with a waterproof, pluggable and easy to install electrical system for its grow lights.
Our engineering department worked closely with the customer to come up with a customized electrical architecture. The pluggable nature of the installation saved 70% of installation time compared to what a typical pipe and wire installation would have required.
By providing our customer with custom cable harnesses, they could easily replicate the system in subsequent farms, knowing exactly the lengths and type of connectors they would need. This allowed the customer to expand their business quicker and gain customers faster than their competitor. In addition, the smart coding system of the connectors eliminated installation errors and did not require a special skills worker to be installed.