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Motor Starter With Integrated Safe Torque Off

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Integrated Safe Torque off is different from an emergency stop (E-stop). Depending on the standards and requirements for a particular application, it might be possible to use STO as part of an E-stop system. However, its main purpose is to be used in a dedicated safety control arrangement, designed to prevent foreseeable hazards from occurring. This paper summarizes the main differences between STO and e-stops, the requirements under the standards, the advantages of safe torque off, as well as the role of STO in motor starters.

Safety Application Manual (0424.1)

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The Wieland safety application manual showcases examples of safety circuits using our safety relays and controllers; also includes relevant Sistema calculations to help maintain the longevity of your machine’s operating lifecycle. It Covers EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, and EN ISO 13849-2.

Update: Version 2 is now available with updated examples! In addition, new topics have been added, such as new aspects of the emergency stop, the use of electrical components with software without safety levels, Lockout/Tag-out (LOTO), and HRC.

Wiecon Rising cage PCB terminals (0552.1)

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Wiecon Compact Power Brochure (0552.1)

Our rising cage PCB terminal 8142 ZP offers even more advantages compared to conventional products on the market. The smallest dimensions, highest safety at the connection torque, and the largest cross-section range as well as a high current carrying capacity up to 12 A make these terminals a universal solution.

Download 0552.1 03/22

Motor Starter 0838.1

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The podis® MS 5HP is the first decentralized motor starter in IP65 / NEMA 12 with integrated Safe Torque Off.

Download   0838.1 CA 02/2022

Higher Current – podis 5G16

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Power bus system for higher current decentralized control in industrial applications.

Wieland Company Solutions + Products at a glance (0902.1)

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 Wieland Company Solutions + Products at a glance (0902.1)

As the inventor of safe electrical connection technology, we are committed to individual and safe system solutions. Explore all our products and services at a glance.

Podis Power Distribution for Decentralized Automation (0830.1)

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The podis® power bus is the innovative solution in power distribution for decentralized automation. The system includes feeder and distributor modules, service switches, fixed and plug-in power branches, pre-assembled cable sets, and a wide range of accessories. 70% faster installation over traditional pipe and wire systems, with 100% flexibility and reusable components.

Download   0830.1 09/2021

revos Industrial Multiple Connector (0530.1)

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revos Industrial Multiple Connector Catalog (0530.1)

Heavy-duty connectors are specifically designed for use in especially tough environments and conditions. The main areas of use are the automotive industry, in packaging machinery and equipment, as well as for instrumentation, control, and automation equipment.
Revos connectors permit simple and time-saving installation of machinery and equipment. Specialty housings protect against mechanical impact and prevent the entry of spray water and dust. The system’s sub-assemblies can undergo a quality check in-house, which simplifies installation and commissioning at the end-use location.