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Sensor Pro SIN M Safety Switches (0849.1)

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The mechanical safety switches in the SIN series are suitable for the secure locking (guard locking) of safety doors until a hazardous machine process has ended.
The safety switches have two independent contact blocks which reflect the position of the actuator on the one hand and the
position of the guard locking on the other.  The release of the entry or the shutdown of the machine in case of danger is done by the evaluation of the contact blocks by means of a suitable basic device of the safe RELAY series or one of the safety systems samos® or samos® PRO.


The safety switch on the guard is locked automatically when the actuator reaches its end position.
The guard is unlocked by applying a current to the internal electromagnets in the safety switch.


The safety switch on the safety guard is locked by energizing the internal electromagnet when the actuator reaches its end position.
If the internal electromagnet is de-energized, the guard control is unlocked and the guard can be opened

Motor Starter With Integrated Safe Torque Off

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Integrated Safe Torque off is different from an emergency stop (E-stop). Depending on the standards and requirements for a particular application, it might be possible to use STO as part of an E-stop system. However, its main purpose is to be used in a dedicated safety control arrangement, designed to prevent foreseeable hazards from occurring. This paper summarizes the main differences between STO and e-stops, the requirements under the standards, the advantages of safe torque off, as well as the role of STO in motor starters.

Safety Application Manual (0424.1)

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The Wieland safety application manual showcases examples of safety circuits using our safety relays and controllers; also includes relevant Sistema calculations to help maintain the longevity of your machine’s operating lifecycle. It Covers EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, and EN ISO 13849-2.

Update: Version 2 is now available with updated examples! In addition, new topics have been added, such as new aspects of the emergency stop, the use of electrical components with software without safety levels, Lockout/Tag-out (LOTO), and HRC.

Motor Starter 0838.1

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The podis® MS 5HP is the first decentralized motor starter in IP65 / NEMA 12 with integrated Safe Torque Off.

Download   0838.1 CA 02/2022



Preventing or mitigating known risks, wherever you are in the safety process, we can provide consultation and a plan of action for the next steps. Services include safety consultation, risk assessments, lockout/ tag-out, safety design, mitigation, validation, & modification.

Download  34.205.0177.0 01/2022



Functional Safety Training Intro & CESE

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Internationally recognized professional certifications based on the most widely used ISO 13849-1 and -2 standards for functional safety, and ISO 12100 for risk assessments. As well as the realization of safety performance levels (PL), and verification & validation of safety systems.

Wieland Electric offers an introductory course as well as a Certification Exam.

Download   CA 12/2021

Safety Catalog (0860.1)

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Safety Catalog (0860.1)

samos®PRO Controller module, I/O Modules, Gateways

samos® Modular safety modules

safe RELAY Universal safety relays, Basic Device, Basic devices with time function, Contact expansion relays, Standstill monitor

sensor PRO safe signal acquisition, safety light curtains, safety light grids, emergency stop buttons, safety switch with guard locking, safety switch with separated actuator, non-contact safety switches, and magnetic safety switches

Download 0861.1 07/21

Machine Building Brochure (0433.1)

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Machine Building Brochure 2019 (0433.1)

Complete solutions for machine building. Safety monitoring, fast installation, reliable connections, and flexibility.

Download 0433.1 01/21

Samos Pro Compact Safety Controller (0881.1)

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Programmable safety controller samos® PRO COMPACT.

samos® PRO COMPACT can be scaled for different machine and plant sizes.
• Ideal for small, medium-sized and large machines and plants
• Up to 116 safe inputs and 56 outputs with 12 I/O modules
• Usage of safe and standard I/O modules in one system
• Configuration up to two external and one integrated gateway

Download   0881.1 10/20

wienet HMI Touch Panels Flyer (0803.1)

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 wienet HMI Touch Panels Flyer (0803.1)


The complete package for machines + plants


Download 0803.1 11/19