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Simplified EV Charging with podis® (0840.1)

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Decentralized power bus system for supplying charging stations.

With podis®, you can create a flexible, economical, and expandable charging infrastructure for indoor parking garages. One flat cable can connect multiple charging stations with less effort!


+ Complete more projects faster: Quicker installations, conversions
and expansions – no need for dismantling or stripping
+ Less mess & interruptions: Provide a better customer experience for building owners & residents
+ Future-proof: Additions & changes can be made at any point
+ Safe to operate: Maintenance-free penetration contacts


Greatly reduce the effort needed to make your building EV-ready. Install only as many chargers as needed and easily add additional chargers as demand grows. With the power bus system, the backbone of the system is established during the initial installation. Adding additional chargers is simply a matter of adding another connecting module. This saves considerable installation time compared to conventional pipe-and-wire installation and allows installers to complete more projects faster, and with less downtime for customers.



Sensor Pro SIN M Safety Switches (0849.1)

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The mechanical safety switches in the SIN series are suitable for the secure locking (guard locking) of safety doors until a hazardous machine process has ended.
The safety switches have two independent contact blocks which reflect the position of the actuator on the one hand and the
position of the guard locking on the other.  The release of the entry or the shutdown of the machine in case of danger is done by the evaluation of the contact blocks by means of a suitable basic device of the safe RELAY series or one of the safety systems samos® or samos® PRO.


The safety switch on the guard is locked automatically when the actuator reaches its end position.
The guard is unlocked by applying a current to the internal electromagnets in the safety switch.


The safety switch on the safety guard is locked by energizing the internal electromagnet when the actuator reaches its end position.
If the internal electromagnet is de-energized, the guard control is unlocked and the guard can be opened

Europa Terminal Strips (0555.1)

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Also known as Europa Terminal Strips, these terminal blocks come in divisible strips and are perfect for mounting electrical connections on a flat surface. Two versions are available, a regular version and a self-extinguishing version which complies with DIN 60335-1.

v. 0555.1 MC 12/22

flare Power Relay Flyer

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The flare Power Relay is a general-purpose power relay for plug-in sockets.

Other features:

35mm DIN rail,

cURus approved,
Transparent housing,

Drop-in replacement for industry standard relays.

Other voltages on request.

Safety Application Manual (0424.1)

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The Wieland safety application manual showcases examples of safety circuits using our safety relays and controllers; also includes relevant Sistema calculations to help maintain the longevity of your machine’s operating lifecycle. It Covers EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, and EN ISO 13849-2.

Update: Version 2 is now available with updated examples! In addition, new topics have been added, such as new aspects of the emergency stop, the use of electrical components with software without safety levels, Lockout/Tag-out (LOTO), and HRC.

Wiecon Rising cage PCB terminals (0552.1)

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Wiecon Compact Power Brochure (0552.1)

Our rising cage PCB terminal 8142 ZP offers even more advantages compared to conventional products on the market. The smallest dimensions, highest safety at the connection torque, and the largest cross-section range as well as a high current carrying capacity up to 12 A make these terminals a universal solution.

Download 0552.1 03/22

Iboco Wiring Duct (34.205.0176.0)

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Iboco NAB and T1 wiring duct in standard and narrow finger. Available for Canada only

34.205.0176.0 09/2021

Hazardous Location Relay Flare 34.243.0050.0

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Compact coupling relay, flare, for hazardous locations.
24V DC coil
One change-over contact 6A
Screw clamp terminals
DIN rail mountable housing
Overall width: 6.2mm

Download   03/22