Decentralized power bus system for supplying charging stations.

With podis®, you can create a flexible, economical, and expandable charging infrastructure for indoor parking garages. One flat cable can connect multiple charging stations with less effort!


+ Complete more projects faster: Quicker installations, conversions
and expansions – no need for dismantling or stripping
+ Less mess & interruptions: Provide a better customer experience for building owners & residents
+ Future-proof: Additions & changes can be made at any point
+ Safe to operate: Maintenance-free penetration contacts


Greatly reduce the effort needed to make your building EV-ready. Install only as many chargers as needed and easily add additional chargers as demand grows. With the power bus system, the backbone of the system is established during the initial installation. Adding additional chargers is simply a matter of adding another connecting module. This saves considerable installation time compared to conventional pipe-and-wire installation and allows installers to complete more projects faster, and with less downtime for customers.