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Pluggable Electrical Installations For Power & Signals

Pluggable Electrical Installations For Power & Signals

RST®20i6 (6-pin) and RST®20i7 (7-pin) connectors

As industry and building technologies continue to evolve through diverse applications, there are increasingly greater demands for fast and safe electrical installations for high-load applications. Wieland Electric is responsive to this demand by expanding our RST® CLASSIC portfolio to meet these needs. The new RST®20i6 (6-pin) and RST®20i7 (7-pin) connectors extend the versatility of electrical installations through increased functions. In addition, the connectors have an elevated Type 6P protection rating for outdoor use. An optional, integrated barrier seal prevents moisture from spreading along the cable system.

A comprehensive design philosophy, down to the last detail

Available in both screw and crimp connection technologies, the RST®20i6 and RST®20i7 connectors are capable of managing loads of up to 20A* and support conductors up to 2.5 mm². The RST®20i6 (6-pin) connector was developed specifically for dimmable emergency light applications, a key element in industrial safety. The RST®20i7 (7-pin) connector was developed as an ideal solution for combining polyphase systems with signals. Three codings ensure both mechanical and color-based differentiation between circuits, with an added safety feature that distinguishes between grounded and ungrounded wires. Mains and extra-low voltages (SELV) can be connected via internal insulation coordination inside a connector housing, with compact connectors allowing for high modularity and adaptability for dynamic application requirements. These models are provided in both straight or angular versions, as well as additional options compatible with all common cable diameters, including connectors with two cable inputs for through-wiring applications.

Learn more about the RST® pluggable electrical installations >

RST®: A versatile series for every project

The addition of 6 & 7-pin connectors to the RST® portfolio reflects our commitment to addressing the needs of end-users. In lighting applications, building, work-site power systems, factory & warehouse construction, solar, or even events technology, the universally pluggable installation system has a solution for any area of application. This begins with the smallest member of the RST® family, the recently launched miniature connector RST® MINI for extremely confined spaces, and extends through to the RST® POWER series, which includes powerful connectors for large cross-sections. The RST® CLASSIC series is the most comprehensive portfolio available on the market. Wherever RST® connectors are used, users benefit from the immense flexibility of the system and increase the operational readiness of their entire worksite as a result of the quick and simple assembly.

Product Specifications RST®20i6 and 20i7

Rated voltage: up to 600 V

Rated current: up to 20 A*

Dimensions: Diameter 34.6, overall length approx. 82 mm

Number of pins: 6- resp. 7-pin

Connection cross-section: up to 2.5 mm².

Protection class: Type 4X, 6, and 6P; optional barrier seal

Coding: mechanical and colored

Approvals: VDE, cULus, LR, GL/DNV, BV

*Current rating based on circuit configuration. Please contact our technical sales team for assistance.

High Current, High Voltage Power Bus for Manufacturing, Conveying & Logistics

Podis PowerThe podis® power bus system provides decentralized and flexible power distribution for factories, airports and warehouses. With its unique design and connection technology, the podis® system is easy, fast, & safe to install and maintain. The new 5-core tray cable system provides higher load capacity to allow for more drives per segment and longer cable sections. Compared to other installations that require long cable lengths, the voltage drop along the bus is significantly reduced. The podis® power bus system is ideal for conveyors at airports, warehouses, distribution centres, and production plants.


  • Copper displacement connection technology
  • 6 mm2 (10 AWG) cable size
  • 5 core tray cable with all cores in one plane
  • Current load 32A
  • Voltage 600V CSA/UL

The podis® 5g6 connection system reduces installation labor by 70% or more by reducing the need for traditional point-to-point pipe and wire.  Waste is significantly reduced, and connection modules can be moved and reused as the cores of the bus cable remain intact and undamaged.  System changes are easily achieved as modules can be moved to different locations on the cable without the need to replace entire cable sections or loss of conductivity.


Watch our product demo here:

CESE Certificate Courses Now Offered

Certified Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) certificate courses are the best way to make sure you team is up to speed on the latest laws and standards for functional machine safety in manufacturing industries. Wieland Electric provides globally recognized SGS-TÜV Saar certification, which covers the functional safety aspects of machinery with a focus on programmable electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical aspects.

Course Contents:

  • Directives, laws and standards
  • Risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100
  • Functional safety according to EN ISO 13849-1 and -2
  • Sensors, logic, and actuators related to safety (Safety Functions)
  • Realization of safety performance level (PL)
  • Verification & validation of safety systems

This course is intended for anyone involved in machine safety who would like to gain a deep understanding of the requirements for designing a safety system, such as design engineers, application engineers, system integrators, service and maintenance personnel, safety specialists and machine functional safety experts.

The course is split in two sessions. The first session is 2 days long and covers safety basics. The second session is three days long and includes the TÜV certification exam.

For more information, qualification requirements, upcoming dates and pricing, please visit: CESE Brochure or contact us directly.

Tool-free Safety Limit Switches

The new sensor PRO safety limit switches (series SLS) from Wieland provide safe position monitoring in almost any industrial application. With a metal actuator that can be turned and swapped without tools, sensor PRO SLS switches are a highly reliable position monitoring solution rated to IP66/ 67.

Series SLS switches are suitable for use in conveyor object detection, end-position control, door position detection, and many other safety applications. Actuation of the switch contacts is monitored by Wieland’s safety relays, samos®PRO COMPACT safety controller, or similar devices and will shut down the machine immediately, addressing any safety hazard.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • IP66 and IP67 rated protection
  • Mechanical life of up to 30 million operations
  • Maximum contact reliability of 1mA at 24VDC
  • Highest reliability of switching even at very low currents
  • High robustness due to the metallic actuator and mounting bracket
  • Tool-free turning of the actuator and tool-free replacement of the actuator
  • Actuators can be rotated or swapped in 45 ° increments by pulling the fastening clip

Ordering information, features and application examples for the new products and suitable accessories can be found in the Wieland Safety Catalog.

Programmable Safety Controller Digital Interface I/O Modules

Compact Safety Controller Digital Interface IO Module

The SP-DIO84 for samos®PRO compact features modular extendibility and provides an inexpensive digital interface. This module expands the safety control system samos®PRO compact with standard inputs and outputs. Non-safety-related automation tasks can now be realized efficiently and cost-optimized.

With the new standard, I/O modules SP-DIO84 standard automation tasks can now be achieved cost-effectively by samos® PRO COMPACT. This module can be used as an inexpensive, digital universal interface to a higher-level PLC or to optical displays.

Benefits at glance:

  • Up to 8 in- and 8 outputs in 22.5 mm housing width
  • 0.5 A output current on each single output
  • Operating temperature from -25 °C to +65 °C
  • Optical display of all in- and outputs
  • Connection by pluggable screw- or push-in-terminals
  • Intuitive programming with samos® PLAN 6

The new I/O-modules include four standard inputs, four standard outputs, and four configurable standard in-/outputs. Key applications include machine building, firing systems, and elevator systems.

SP-DIO84 are supported by SP-COP modules from module version C-xx and can be configured using the latest version of samos®PLAN 6.

Learn more about the programmable safety controller series from Wieland.

Surface mounted PCB connector with push-in connection technology

Surface mounted PCB connectorThe 7060 SMD ( surface mounted device) is a compact and powerful PCB terminal designed for small electronic devices such as commercial appliances, control units, or LED applications. Its compact size saves critical space on circuit boards while delivering power safely and efficiently.

The push-in technology is a tool-free connection type offering considerable time savings during installation. Integrated test connections also allow for quick testing of the electrical connection. With a height of only 4.14 mm and a 2.5 mm pitch, the 7060 SMD is the most compact PCB terminal with a powerful current carrying capacity of up to 9 amps and a voltage rating of up to 150 volts.

The 7060 SMD can be used with through-hole reflow soldering process (THR), is available for order in 2- to 4-pole configurations, and as “Tape on Reel” for quick and fully automatic retrieval. Sample test boards are also available. Request yours today!

For additional information, download the PCB for LED applications brochure.

Revos Basic M Heavy Duty Housing for Harsh Environments

The new revos BASIC M Connector series is robust, durable and comfortable to handle. The connector housing can withstand harsh environmental conditions making it ideal for use in numerous applications, such as industrial machinery, construction machinery, and wind turbines.

The revos BASIC M is not susceptible to stresses such as vibration, penetrating moisture or corrosion. The housing seals are extremely robust thanks to the use of Viton. The improved seals now provide NEMA 4X environmental protection.

The connector lock is available as a one-hand locking system that simplifies handling in confined spaces. The locking clips are made of stainless steel and coated with heat-resistant, thermoplastic polymer and include steel rollers that allow the clips to close with little friction and wear. The ergonomic grip grooves have been designed for improved handling.

The revos BASIC M is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 120 °C and is available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24. As an option, bases are available with a hinged aluminum cover to protect the connector inserts when not in use, preventing damage and failure in the field. The housing is compatible with Wieland’s extensive range of revos multiple inserts for size 6 to 24.

For more information, see the full line of heavy-duty connectors.

Safety Control Module Capabilities with Industrial Press Function & Support for Multiple Fieldbus Protocols

Expanded Samospro CompactThe samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS programmable safety controller now offers six control function blocks to monitor press contacts, ensuring proper signal sequencing and timing during press operation, and to control press operation during setup, single-stroke, automatic, and cyclic modes.

With this expansion, the samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS safety controllers can deliver cost-effective, critical safety functions for both new and existing industrial press machinery, including eccentric and hydraulic presses, while still delivering all of the critical features of the samosPRO COMPACT. These include: base units with up to 20 safe inputs and eight safe outputs, expandability up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs, integrated Ethernet ports, and free software for simulation and automatic report generation.

“Using these predesigned press control function blocks allows machine design engineers to easily and cost-effectively add critical safety control functions to both new and existing industrial press systems,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “These new function blocks have received TÜV certification, and are compliant with the most recent press safety standards.”

The expansion of the samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS controller’s communication capabilities enables data exchange over a variety of common industrial networks, including EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT protocols, in addition to PROFINET and ModBus/TCP, to facilitate communication between Ethernet-based field devices in a machine or building engineering network.

“The addition of EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT to the samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS further extends the flexibility of the controller, allowing machine design engineers to implement all of the benefits associated with a complex integrated industrial fieldbus system at lower cost,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “It also maintains its significant expansion capabilities through the addition of more modules.”

The samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS 45mm-wide base modules are designed to control the safety functions of a wide variety of industrial applications and are compatible with the free samosPLAN5+ programming software, which provides design engineers with a simple and intuitive interface, powerful simulation tools, and effective troubleshooting and reporting functions.

Product datasheets, specifications, and other technical information for samosPRO COMPACT programmable safety controllers can be downloaded from the Wieland safety website:

Push In Terminals


Wieland WTP terminal blocks are now approved for use in North America.

Product Width UL (E60678) CSA
WTP 2.5/4 5mm (single tier) 600V, 30A, 24-12 AWG 600V, 20A, 22-12AWG
WTP 2.5/4 5mm (two tier) 300V, 20A, 24-12AWG 300V, 20A, 22-12AWG
WTP 6/10 8mm 600V, 41A, 12-8AWG 600V, 41A, 12-8AWG

Download the relevant WTP catalog pages below, or visit our terminal block page for additional information.



> WTP Catalog Pages (with USA/Canada ratings)
> WTP Image

Samos®pro Compact + Profinet

Samospro Profinet IO PrmWieland Electric Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has integrated PROFINET communication into its samos®PRO COMPACT family of programmable safety controllers. The new samosPRO COMPACT module allows machine design engineers to seamlessly integrate non-safe peripheral devices into the program, and to relay controller information back to these devices using PROFINET communication.

The samosPRO COMPACT SP-COP2-ENI base controller enables data exchange between Ethernet-based field devices in a machine or building engineering network. The module is also compatible with Wieland Electric’s free samosPLAN5+ programming software, which provides design engineers with a simple and intuitive interface, powerful simulation tools, and effective troubleshooting and reporting functions.

“The samosPRO COMPACT with PROFINET extends the flexibility of the controller, allowing machine design engineers to implement all of the benefits associated with a complex integrated PROFINET system at a much lower cost,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “It also maintains its significant expansion capabilities through the addition of more modules.”

The samosPRO COMPACT SP-COP2-ENI simplifies safety solutions by controlling the safety functions of a wide variety of industrial applications. The compact, 45mm-wide base controller module boasts 16 safe inputs, four safe outputs, and four configurable safe inputs/outputs, with the ability to add modules to achieve as many as 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. Integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces enable system access via industrial Ethernet protocols like Modbus/TCP and PROFINET. Support of other protocols is also possible.

More information


> Press release (PDF)
> High Resolution Image