Podis PowerThe podis® power bus system provides decentralized and flexible power distribution for factories, airports and warehouses. With its unique design and connection technology, the podis® system is easy, fast, & safe to install and maintain. The new 5-core tray cable system provides higher load capacity to allow for more drives per segment and longer cable sections. Compared to other installations that require long cable lengths, the voltage drop along the bus is significantly reduced. The podis® power bus system is ideal for conveyors at airports, warehouses, distribution centres, and production plants.


  • Copper displacement connection technology
  • 6 mm2 (10 AWG) cable size
  • 5 core tray cable with all cores in one plane
  • Current load 32A
  • Voltage 600V CSA/UL

The podis® 5g6 connection system reduces installation labor by 70% or more by reducing the need for traditional point-to-point pipe and wire.  Waste is significantly reduced, and connection modules can be moved and reused as the cores of the bus cable remain intact and undamaged.  System changes are easily achieved as modules can be moved to different locations on the cable without the need to replace entire cable sections or loss of conductivity.


Watch our product demo here: https://youtu.be/2sRBNeuPsVA

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