Pluggable Electrical Installations For Power & Signals

RST®20i6 (6-pin) and RST®20i7 (7-pin) connectors

As industry and building technologies continue to evolve through diverse applications, there are increasingly greater demands for fast and safe electrical installations for high-load applications. Wieland Electric is responsive to this demand by expanding our RST® CLASSIC portfolio to meet these needs. The new RST®20i6 (6-pin) and RST®20i7 (7-pin) connectors extend the versatility of electrical installations through increased functions. In addition, the connectors have an elevated Type 6P protection rating for outdoor use. An optional, integrated barrier seal prevents moisture from spreading along the cable system.

A comprehensive design philosophy, down to the last detail

Available in both screw and crimp connection technologies, the RST®20i6 and RST®20i7 connectors are capable of managing loads of up to 20A* and support conductors up to 2.5 mm². The RST®20i6 (6-pin) connector was developed specifically for dimmable emergency light applications, a key element in industrial safety. The RST®20i7 (7-pin) connector was developed as an ideal solution for combining polyphase systems with signals. Three codings ensure both mechanical and color-based differentiation between circuits, with an added safety feature that distinguishes between grounded and ungrounded wires. Mains and extra-low voltages (SELV) can be connected via internal insulation coordination inside a connector housing, with compact connectors allowing for high modularity and adaptability for dynamic application requirements. These models are provided in both straight or angular versions, as well as additional options compatible with all common cable diameters, including connectors with two cable inputs for through-wiring applications.

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RST®: A versatile series for every project

The addition of 6 & 7-pin connectors to the RST® portfolio reflects our commitment to addressing the needs of end-users. In lighting applications, building, work-site power systems, factory & warehouse construction, solar, or even events technology, the universally pluggable installation system has a solution for any area of application. This begins with the smallest member of the RST® family, the recently launched miniature connector RST® MINI for extremely confined spaces, and extends through to the RST® POWER series, which includes powerful connectors for large cross-sections. The RST® CLASSIC series is the most comprehensive portfolio available on the market. Wherever RST® connectors are used, users benefit from the immense flexibility of the system and increase the operational readiness of their entire worksite as a result of the quick and simple assembly.

Product Specifications RST®20i6 and 20i7

Rated voltage: up to 600 V

Rated current: up to 20 A*

Dimensions: Diameter 34.6, overall length approx. 82 mm

Number of pins: 6- resp. 7-pin

Connection cross-section: up to 2.5 mm².

Protection class: Type 4X, 6, and 6P; optional barrier seal

Coding: mechanical and colored

Approvals: VDE, cULus, LR, GL/DNV, BV

*Current rating based on circuit configuration. Please contact our technical sales team for assistance.

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