Compact Safety Controller Digital Interface IO Module

The SP-DIO84 for samos®PRO compact features modular extendibility and provides an inexpensive digital interface. This module expands the safety control system samos®PRO compact with standard inputs and outputs. Non-safety-related automation tasks can now be realized efficiently and cost-optimized.

With the new standard, I/O modules SP-DIO84 standard automation tasks can now be achieved cost-effectively by samos® PRO COMPACT. This module can be used as an inexpensive, digital universal interface to a higher-level PLC or to optical displays.

Benefits at glance:

  • Up to 8 in- and 8 outputs in 22.5 mm housing width
  • 0.5 A output current on each single output
  • Operating temperature from -25 °C to +65 °C
  • Optical display of all in- and outputs
  • Connection by pluggable screw- or push-in-terminals
  • Intuitive programming with samos® PLAN 6

The new I/O-modules include four standard inputs, four standard outputs, and four configurable standard in-/outputs. Key applications include machine building, firing systems, and elevator systems.

SP-DIO84 are supported by SP-COP modules from module version C-xx and can be configured using the latest version of samos®PLAN 6.

Learn more about the programmable safety controller series from Wieland.

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