Surface mounted PCB connectorThe 7060 SMD ( surface mounted device) is a compact and powerful PCB terminal designed for small electronic devices such as commercial appliances, control units, or LED applications. Its compact size saves critical space on circuit boards while delivering power safely and efficiently.

The push-in technology is a tool-free connection type offering considerable time savings during installation. Integrated test connections also allow for quick testing of the electrical connection. With a height of only 4.14 mm and a 2.5 mm pitch, the 7060 SMD is the most compact PCB terminal with a powerful current carrying capacity of up to 9 amps and a voltage rating of up to 150 volts.

The 7060 SMD can be used with through-hole reflow soldering process (THR), is available for order in 2- to 4-pole configurations, and as “Tape on Reel” for quick and fully automatic retrieval. Sample test boards are also available. Request yours today!

For additional information, download the PCB for LED applications brochure.

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