Precision and reliability are vital in electrical installations to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. One of the most preferred choices for professionals in Canada is Iboco/Hager wiring ducts, which are exclusively available through Wieland Electric. Renowned for their high-quality design and functionality, these wiring ducts offer several advantages that set them apart.

1. Customizability

Iboco/Hager wiring ducts can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. This allows professionals to optimize the duct length, finger arrangements, and hole patterns and add adhesive backing when needed. In addition, this customization level ensures that the ducts seamlessly integrate with the requirements of each electrical installation, promoting a more organized system.


2. Non-Slip Covers

In the past, non-slip covers on wiring ducts were a concern, as they could fail to securely hold the wires. This might lead to potential safety hazards and operational issues. Iboco/Hager wiring ducts have effectively addressed this concern by incorporating non-slip covers that firmly hold the wires, cables, and components in position.

3. Expandability and Retrofittability

As technology advances and electrical demands shift, the requirements of electrical installations may change over time. New equipment, additional wires, or upgraded components have to be integrated into the existing system. In such cases, the expandability and retrofittability features of Iboco/Hager wiring ducts prove invaluable. These ducts can be easily modified or extended to accommodate the changing needs of the electrical setup.

4. Cost, Resource, and Time Efficiency

Efficiency is a cornerstone of success in any electrical project, and Iboco/Hager wiring ducts excel in this aspect. They are designed for straightforward installation, streamlining the entire process for electrical professionals. Their user-friendly design, with features such as predetermined break lines and recessed mounting holes, enables faster and more efficient setup.

5. Reusability

Iboco/Hager wiring ducts are designed for reusability, which aligns perfectly with sustainability values. They are also built to withstand repeated installations and removals, allowing them to be used in multiple projects over their lifetime. By opting for Iboco/Hager wiring ducts in Canada, professionals contribute to reducing waste and minimizing their environmental footprint.

6. Restricted Slot Opening

Wire retention is a critical aspect of any duct’s functionality. Iboco/Hager wiring ducts offer a restricted slot opening, ensuring the wires are securely in place. This secure wire retention minimizes the risk of short circuits and electrical hazards, providing peace of mind to both professionals and end-users.

7. Predetermined Break Lines

Iboco/Hager wiring ducts incorporate two predetermined break lines, facilitating easy removal of fingers or finger bases. This feature simplifies adjustments and modifications during installation or maintenance, enabling swift changes without compromising the ducts.

8. Burr-Free Edges

Preserving the integrity of wires during installation is of paramount importance. Iboco/Hager wiring ducts have burr-free edges, guaranteeing that wires remain undamaged during installation. By eliminating rough edges that could potentially harm wires, these ducts ensure the longevity and reliability of the entire electrical system.

9. Recessed Mounting Holes

These wiring ducts have recessed mounting holes, which enable the smooth incorporation of different electrical components. These holes also ensure quick and secure component mounting, maximizing the efficient use of space within the wiring ducts. In turn, this leads to a tidy and well-organized installation.

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Wieland Electric for Premium Iboco/Hager Wiring Ducts

The “dinosaur” flex duct from Iboco/Hager is a remarkable product in their lineup. Its self-adhesive feature has earned it immense popularity in the electrical industry for its flexibility and ease of installation. Additionally, its adhesive backing quickly and securely attaches to different surfaces, eliminating the need for extra mounting hardware.

Wieland Electric, one of the largest distributors of Iboco/Hager wiring ducts in Canada, offers electrical solutions to meet various industry needs! Our product portfolio includes multiple solutions, from connectors and cables to automation components.

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