CESE Certificate Courses Now Offered

Certified Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) certificate courses are the best way to make sure you team is up to speed on the latest laws and standards for functional machine safety in manufacturing industries. Wieland Electric provides globally recognized SGS-TÜV Saar certification, which covers the functional safety aspects of machinery with a focus on programmable electrical, […]

Tool-free Safety Limit Switches

The new sensor PRO safety limit switches (series SLS) from Wieland provide safe position monitoring in almost any industrial application. With a metal actuator that can be turned and swapped without tools, sensor PRO SLS switches are a highly reliable position monitoring solution rated to IP66/ 67. Series SLS switches are suitable for use in conveyor object detection, end-position […]

LED Lamps for Industrial Applications

With its new high-intensity PODIS® LED lamps, WIELAND offers pluggable, maintenance-free lighting solutions for construction, industrial and machine applications. The PODIS® LED lighting components are especially well-suited for use in industrial applications. Their rugged and durable lamp design ensure high reliability. The high-quality light delivers 2000 lumens with customizable light colors and illumination patterns. These pluggable fixtures ensure flexibility […]

Programmable Safety Controller Digital Interface I/O Modules

The SP-DIO84 for samos®PRO compact features modular extendibility and provides an inexpensive digital interface. This module expands the safety control system samos®PRO compact with standard inputs and outputs. Non-safety-related automation tasks can now be realized efficiently and cost-optimized. With the new standard, I/O modules SP-DIO84 standard automation tasks can now be achieved cost-effectively by samos® PRO COMPACT. This […]

Surface mounted PCB connector with push-in connection technology

The 7060 SMD ( surface mounted device) is a compact and powerful PCB terminal designed for small electronic devices such as commercial appliances, control units, or LED applications. Its compact size saves critical space on circuit boards while delivering power safely and efficiently. The push-in technology is a tool-free connection type offering considerable time savings during installation. […]

Revos Basic M Heavy Duty Housing for Harsh Environments

The new revos BASIC M Connector series is robust, durable and comfortable to handle. The connector housing can withstand harsh environmental conditions making it ideal for use in numerous applications, such as industrial machinery, construction machinery, and wind turbines. The revos BASIC M is not susceptible to stresses such as vibration, penetrating moisture or corrosion. […]

Safety Control Module Capabilities with Industrial Press Function & Support for Multiple Fieldbus Protocols

The samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS programmable safety controller now offers six control function blocks to monitor press contacts, ensuring proper signal sequencing and timing during press operation, and to control press operation during setup, single-stroke, automatic, and cyclic modes. With this expansion, the samosPRO COMPACT-PLUS safety controllers can deliver cost-effective, critical safety functions for both new and existing industrial […]

Push In Terminals

Wieland WTP terminal blocks are now approved for use in North America. Product Width UL (E60678) CSA WTP 2.5/4 5mm (single tier) 600V, 30A, 24-12 AWG 600V, 20A, 22-12AWG WTP 2.5/4 5mm (two tier) 300V, 20A, 24-12AWG 300V, 20A, 22-12AWG WTP 6/10 8mm 600V, 41A, 12-8AWG 600V, 41A, 12-8AWG Download the relevant WTP catalog pages […]

Samos®pro Compact + Profinet

Wieland Electric Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has integrated PROFINET communication into its samos®PRO COMPACT family of programmable safety controllers. The new samosPRO COMPACT module allows machine design engineers to seamlessly integrate non-safe peripheral devices into the program, and to relay controller information back to these devices using PROFINET communication. […]

WST – Cable Shield Terminals

Wieland Electric Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has developed a series of cable shield terminals designed to provide simple, reliable, cable grounding connections. Designed to accommodate cable diameters from 8mm to 32mm, the fasis WST terminals provide vibration-proof grounding of shielded cables. Constructed from hardened steel with high corrosion resistance, […]